Oh hello there Saturday. Happy to see you. Friday made me hangover, so I'm a bit off-put by it.

2 hours left!

Yes, I want the weekend. A lot.

Friday people!!! I didn’t even notice 😁

I'm not sure I want to display the toot actions as buttons that are always visible (reply, boost, favourite) like they are in the web version, and most Android apps.

It takes up too much space and does not aesthetically please me. That said, hiding the toot actions between a swipe is something I also don't want to do lightly because then I'd need to somehow educate the user that there is such a thing in the first place.


Alright, Ivory 1.0 build 10 is going up to Testflight. It's come a long way - and it only has ~3 issues that need closing before I attempt a public App Store release.

Uploading Ivory 1.0 build 3 to the App Store Testflight 🚀

So I got the first ever podcast scheduled for recording this Wednesday. I have no idea what I'm doing and it's exciting. Meanwhile my Mastodon app is coming along nicely with the basic Profile view almost done.

@fribbledom Working on my Mastodon app for iOS and whilst testing Profiles, I noticed your avatar goes perfectly with your cover image! Just wanted to share that.

Slowly, but surely, Profile view is coming along in Ivory for iOS.

I've started work on the Profile view of Ivory for iOS. It will be available with the 1.0 build 2 on Testflight soon enough!

So I'm starting a podcast about the current social status of the world. It's probably going to suck in more ways than one. But hey, internet gave me the ability, I shall use it!

Ivory for Mastodon 1.0 build 1 is now available on Testflight! This is the very beginning. There's a whole lot of work to be done still before I attempt a public release, but this marks quite a milestone for me.

Discovered some weird inconsistencies in Mastodon API. Apparently not every toot comes with paragraph tags ... for whatever reason that may be.

I am never getting the iOS app to the App Store it seems. I don't know why the app for them looks way different than it does on my XS, and on any emulator I run it on from XCode. Makes no sense.

Yesterday I had a minor heart failure. Called the ambulance and they sorted me out, but the moral of the story is to stop the unhealthy lifestyle I am living. Energy drinks, microwave pizzas, no exercise, can't continue doing that anymore.

Not that I want to anymore either I mean this experience scared the shit out of me.

Submitting Ivory to the App Store again, this time around written entirely in Swift, however with less features (almost no features, besides basic home timeline and ability to toot).

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