Listen, I can't explain exactly why, but Javascript ain't so bad.

Bought a car yesterday. Well, a mopedcar. I still call it a car. It has four wheels. Drives in traffic. A car.

Did quite a bit of React.js over the weekend and, honestly, I love it. Let's see if this honeymoon period will last or not, because if it will - there certainly is a React team in the company I work for.

Back from BCN - took a week off internet. Felt good. Now let's get back into it.

I'll be in Barcelona from tomorrow until the 5th of October, so if you're in town, hit me up!

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Now that Xcode's out of beta, trying to download the latest release on my Mac.

I'm currently just doing a setInterval in the WebView. That's why it won't work on the background thread, but I figure I can set the notifications in a cache file, then do the interval in Swift instead.

Now I'm thinking why I did not do that in the first place.

Well, I _basically_ got push notifications working in Ivory now. Except that they don't work if the app is in the background and tapping on them only opens the app and not the notification itself.

Still, progress.

I did not do anything productive over the weekend and honestly it was the best weekend in a while!

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Made an Amazon account to try out Amazon Prime. Got my account locked "due to suspicious activity" before I could actually sign into Prime Video. Amazing.

Next week I will be at the conference in Helsinki, Finland. So if you’re going too hit me up and let’s have some drinks!

Alright so downloaded the XCode 11 GM Seed version, and now I can't even upload to Testflight anymore saying (Invalid binary) and telling me to use a stable XCode. I thought GM _was_ stable?

I’ve successfully survived Monday. 🥳

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